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    SOAP Error

      Hi All,

      This is my first post here. Sorry to be asking for help on my first one.

      I'm running SGD 4.7 on a Fedora Linux machine. I was previously running 4.6 and although it was a bit "clunky", it did work. Everything has installed OK, etc but when I try to authenticate after a fresh install, I get the following error message (in the logs as well as on the screen).

      org.xml.sax.SAXException: Processing instructions are not allowed within SOAP messages

      Has anyone else come across this before. I've done the usual searching, etc but I can't find anyone that has has this error using SGD. it's appeared a few times with other apps, apparently, but I have no idea how to debug and (hopefully) fix it.

      Can anyone help at all?

      Thanks a lot.

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          can you reproduce this on a supported OS? Fedora is not supported.

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            Hi Thanks for the quick reply.

            I'm actually just waiting for an Oracle Linux 6.3 install to come down. Once it's downloaded, I'll see how it looks on that O/S.


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              Hi There,

              I installed on an Oracle Linux 6.3 build. There was a similar Java issue as there was on Fedora. However, it was different enough that I could do some searching/debugging and get it working.

              When the https port is changed from the default (443) to something else (which I did), the following file needs to be edited to account for it.


              Restart the process and it works fine :-)

              Thanks for the help.