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    Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management(OPPM) integration with MS BizTalk

      Hi All,

      I am new to Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management(OPPM)[its not P6].
      I have a business requirement to Integrate OPPM with Microsoft Biztalk.
      Can any body help me to guide what approach/techniquse I need to follow to achieve the solution.

      Appreciate your early reply.

      Please help by any means[either doc/link or anything else].. ist very urgent.

      Thanks in Advance.

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          I have done a number of OPPM interfaces / tools (Oracle Financials, P6, Microsoft Project, MSSQL Reporting Server, ...). The easy way to learn how the API works is to look at the sample code in the Primavera Portfolio Management 9.0 Enterprise API.chm which is located in the documents folder (look under EN for the English version). For each of the OPPM objects there is a sample code on how to call its methods.

          The API comes in COM and Web Services favors. There are not completely identical. Some object’s methods are only available via the COM API (take a look at Users User Groups).

          If you need you code to impersonate the user that is logged in, you will need to use the COM API.

          If you plan to use the tools menu for your interface, you need to search the API documentation for the psPortfoliosAddOn object with doesn’t show up in the table of contents. The Menu.xsd is well commented on how to setup the menu file.