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    listView binding issue with child nodes of web service data control

      What I thought was an issue with my complex web service input was actually an issue with listView.

      Runtime Error: Could not find property Place in class oracle.adfmf.dc.ws.soap.SoapGeneric Type

      Build: JDEVADF_11.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Generate web service data control for http://terraserver-usa.com/TerraService2.asmx?wsdl operation GetPlaceList
      2) Generate Request and Result views
      3) Add listView to the Result View and use field Place.City
      4) Run with parameters placeName Park, MaxItems 20, imagePresence false
      5) Observe error

      Steps to resolve:
      1) Add an attributeValues Binding

      <attributeValues IterBinding="PlaceIterator" id="City">
      <Item Value="City"/>

      2) Modify

      <amx:outputText value="#{row.Place.bindings.City.inputValue}"
      <amx:outputText value="#{row.bindings.City.inputValue}"


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