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    Exclude Sales Order line from ASCP

      I have a model which is make at the factory. The same model can be used to purchase from outside.
      If it is purchased from outside, the Sales order line will be progressed to create a Purchase Order.
      If the purchase order is created then the demand and supply will match. But there are cases that the Sales ORder is created but the purchase order is not raised.
      How do I restrict the Sales Order line from ASCP? Please advise.
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          My understanding of your requirement is
          1. If the Model is made inhouse, then you want the ASCP to consider this sales order
          2. If the model is Purchased and a PO is created them you still want the SO to be collected by ASCP.
          3. If the model is purchases but PO is not created, then you do not want ASCP to collect this sales order

          Am I correct in this? If yes, can you help me understand

          At what stage a buy or make decision on the model is made?
          And how does one know that the sales order is Manufactured or purchased? Do you have any attribute/DFF to identfy this or a seperate order type?

          One easier way is to exclude SO is to go thru the datahook and exclude the sales orders based on the requirement.

          Hope this helps

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            Hi sudeep,

            yes. your understanding is correct.

            the decision of buy and make is made at the time of order entry. this situation happens when the factory doesn't have the enough capcaity.
            suppose the order qty = 100, then sales order will have 2 lines - one line manufactured in factory and the another line purchased from outside. there is no DFF to identify this.

            I found one solution is to have a seprate line type for the Back to back case. Set scheduling level = 'inactive demand without reservations'. then this sales order line will not appear in ASCP.