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    JMS provider url issue in oc4j

    sameer h
      we have Oracle SOA Suite on Oracle app server. We have a cluster with two nodes and a hardware load balacer in front.
      For one of integration with PLM Windchill product (uses java in backend), we have provided them a JMS queue to publish messages. They imported few jars provided by us e.g. jms.jar, oc4jclient.jar, optic.jar.. They(client) set the provider url as opmn:ormi://<loadbalancerhost>:6003:oc4j_soa and tried to publish messages to queue but it was not working. We found that port 6003 was not open from source to load balancer and load balancer to oracle app servers. Before I could open these ports can you tell me if its a good practice to open such port on load balancer (hardware L.B.) or hardware load balancer should redirect only HTTP calls?

      Another question is regarding which ports are required to open from source to middleware if source directly connects to app server using opmn:ormi:<appserverhost>:6003:oc4j_soa. As when we tried to do netstat at source (PLM Windchill) end it showed RMI(12402) and JMS(12602) port connections established.
      tcp 0 0 ::ffff:xxx.xx.xx.xx:51083 ::ffff:xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:12402 ESTABLISHED
      tcp 0 0 ::ffff:xxx.xx.xx.xx:57909 ::ffff:xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:12602 ESTABLISHED
      tcp 0 0 ::ffff:xxx.xx.xx.xx:57908 ::ffff:xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:12602 ESTABLISHED
      Ips not shown for security reason here.
      I dont know why its trying to connect to RMI and JMS ports when the source system has configured only opmn request port at their end. If it uses RMI and JMS ports somehow internally to connect middleware then we will have to open all ports in port range for RMI and JMS from source to middleware app server host (since these ports are dynamic and gets changed in every server restart) which is not a good idea. Can you shed some light on it as I thought the purpose of using opmn: in provider url is to overcome the situation of dynamic ports.

      My third question is regarding comma seperated provider url. e.g. opmn:ormi://<appserverhost1>:6003:oc4j_soa,opmn:ormi://<appserverhost2>:6003:oc4j_soa. Will it work this way if source system use this provider url?
      In this case since two opmns are seperate how load balancing will happen?
      If you could answer these questions asap, i will be very thankful to you.

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