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    How to return multiple instances from a Java stored procedure

      Hi Guys

      So I have written a Java stored procedure that shoudl return a list of Subscriber changes.

      A subscriber change is just a java POJO and the procedure will just query a change table to get indications of all the changes that has happened since last and then build a number of theses SubscriptionChange instances.

      Now I want to be able to expose these from the procedure to another java client so the questions are,

      1. How should I declare the Java method to be able to send output as a ARRAY or List of values

      Example: public List<SubscriberChange> getSubscriptionChanges(){}

      (I know this is not how it will look but just to give you the idea)

      2. How should I publish the method using 'CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE po_mgr AS'

      3. How should I call it on the java client side

      I have to say it is extremely hard to find a full example of this and I guess someone else is doing it.

      Thanks for your efforts