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    merge in OWB


      in my present scenirio i have to insert the record if the matching value doesn't exist and update and add the vlaue to the already value for matching data.

      eg mod_typ qty
      A 5
      B 8

      TARGET TABLE (WHEN loade first time)
      mod_type qty_1
      A 5
      B 8

      new record in source and 1 for update

      eg mod_typ qty
      C 3--------------------should be inserted
      B 2--------------------it should be added to value b

      How can i achive , please help
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          David Allan-Oracle
          Each attribute on the target when you are loading has a property (Update: Operation under Loading Properties for the attribute) which determines the operation performed, by default it is = (an assignment), but there are others there such as += (add), -= (subtract), *= (multiple), /= (divide), ||= (concatenate) for example plus a bunch of combinations. This lets you do all sorts, so you can define the update operation property to be += for attribute QTY_1 in your target table operator.