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    Making Changes to the XSD

      Solaris: 5.10


      We are prototyping a solution to capture all components of an invoice. The option to register an xsd and create a table with a(x) xmltype column is ideal for our immediate needs. The question being posed, however, is this:

      If we implement our current xsd and capture data for a number of months, then we find a need to change the schema (xsd)...what are our options? What happens to the data that was already in place before the new schema changes came along? Do we have to drop and re-create table with the xmltype column that would be registered against the changed xsd?

      Any help or advice on this would be appreciated.

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          The best place to start with this would be the documentation
          [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/appdev.112/e23094/xdb07evo.htm#ADXDB4680]XML Schema Evolution
          I have not done it myself, but it comes up time to time over on the {forum:id=34} forum. Should you have any additional questions on this topic, that forum is the appropriate place to ask.