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    ZFS 7420 - D2D2T backup - scripting?


      The requirement is to do a D2D2T backup. First D2D backup using the snapshots & clone feature of ZFS7420 from SAS volumes to SATA volumes. Then do a D2T backup from the SATA volumes to a tape library (SL150). The backup server is X3-2 using Solaris x86 OS. The SATA volumes will be mounted to the backup server. The backup server is licensed for SAN based backup & tape library.

      Each time a snap or clone is taken, the backup (SATA) volume needs to get unmounted and re-mounted. To minimise manual intervention, this process needs to get automated.

      Can this be done through scripting? Need help on the same.

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          I haven't found any simple way other than host based copying to move data from one pool to another via "cloning". I have seen however that snapping and cloning doesn't remove the concentration of IO load on the original volume so backing up from a snapped clone could drag your production volume into backup IO hell depending on how much has changed since the snap took place. I guess that's what you get with redirect on write.