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    Can't connect to X11 window server

      We are in the process of SAP System copy from PRD to QA Server in our SUN V240 server.
      Duruing this process we have come across a error for which x11 software.Due to this
      iam unable to open the Installation Tool in the server.

      Sep 9, 2012 2:49:17 PM [Info]: >> Invocation target exception: Can't
      connect to X11 window server using '' as the value of the
      DISPLAY variable.
      Sep 9, 2012 2:49:17 PM [Info]: >> Closed input stream
      Sep 9, 2012 2:49:17 PM [Error]: GUI terminated with return code 4
      ----------------------------------------------------------------------- is the IP where we are trying to open the remote GUI.

      But "xclock" command giving the out put with the timer window.

      Any hints?
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          Try "telnet 6000" to see if you can get a TCP connection to the X server.

          If the connection works, your problem is probably an X Windows authorization issue.

          If telnet can't connect to that IP/port combination, either your X Server isn't listening for remote connections or you have some sort of network issue. On the server, run "netstat -an | grep 6000". You should see that port open and listening for connections. If not, your X server isn't configured to accept remote connections.