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    Oracle Application and RDBMS on window server 2003

      I am trying to install Oracle application and RDBMS on window server 2003 using administrator login. I have tried from both ways like from cd drive to mount the
      imgae file and also from stage directory.
      But every times, it shows the 2 errors

      1- error number ====RW-20016

      My domain name is ---aftml.local---
      User name administrator---

      but is shows error -----RW-20016: Warning: - Please verify the user belongs to the administrators group-----

      2- error number ===
      commadn : cmd.exe/c c:\stag\startCD\Disk1\rapidwiz\bin\adchkutl.cmd c:\mksnt c:\vc98
      c:\Stage\start\CD\Disk1\rapidwiz>echo off
      'which' commad is not available. Check MKS installation.
      ERRORCODE =1 ERRORcode_end
      RW-50011:Error System Utilites Availability test has returned an error:1