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    java swing client application using weblogic jdbc connection


      Please let me know if it is possible for a java client swing application to connect to an oracle database using a jdbc connection that has been created in weblogic appplication server.

      At the moment I have a client application that connects directly to an oracle database using oracle's jdbc drivers.

      I want to change that and make it a three tier application. I would like the client java app to connect to the oracle database through the weblogic server. Is this possible (maybe using t3 protocol?)

      I noticed that when you create a jdbc connection in weblogic you also define the database user and password. Every user of my app has its own database username and password. Is it possible to use these ones or do I have to use the same username and password for everyone (the ones that i put when I create the jdbc connection).

      Furthermore, is it possible to use get a database connection through weblogic if I do not have a jdbc connection created in advance?

      Thank you in advance!