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    Consolidating CX Archive files

      We have few models and have 3 different CX archive files (.jar) used by them. There are classes in these jar files that are same. If there is a bug in one of the common classes, we will need to change them in 3 different places. To avoid this, we would like to consolidate all the jar files into one to avoid maintenance. What are the implications of doing this. If we remove the archive file from the model and add the new one, do we need to modify all the CX rules that reference the classes in the old jar file to the new one or will they be relinked automatically?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Biju --

          You'll be happy to know that as long as the library paths of the classes and the signatures (arguments) of the Event-bound methods within them are identical across the multiple versions of the classes, you will not need to make any modifications to your CX rules if you upload a consolidated CX Archive and replace your existing CX Archive associations with it.

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            In case you have large number of models referring 3 archives, you can add dummy empty jar in two archives and add jar with all classes in one jar. This should work fine, even if you don't remove the archive references from individual models immediately.
            For new models, you can just refer the archive with all classes. Replacing the archive should also not be a issue if class/methods bounded to CX do not change.
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              Thanks Eogan and Pankaj for the replies. That helps.