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    Can't download from command line - slightly OT

      Hi all,
      I need to install new versions of the JDK on an Amazon Linux instance. It used to be that I could go to the download page with my browser, select the "agree with license" button and then copy the url and do a wget on the command line side to get the JDK.

      But Oracle must have seen this hole and has "patched" it - making it impossible to download a JDK directly in a command line way.

      My only work around is to download with the browser and then copy from my desktop machine to the server machine - a real pain.

      I realize that this is a Java Desktop child forum - my apologies that this is slightly off topic.

      Oracle - please - I'll agree to your licenses but don't stand in the way of me doing my job. I've even tried lynx but it failed miserably as you're using a ton of JavaScript on the page for things like tabs and the like.