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    help with lucreate


      I have an issue with i do an lustatus ..

      :# lustatus
      ERROR: No boot environments are configured on this system
      ERROR: cannot determine list of all boot environment names

      So I try to do an lucreate to create my original be

      # lucreate -n newbe
      Analyzing system configuration.
      No name for current boot environment.
      INFORMATION: The current boot environment is not named - assigning name <d0>.
      Current boot environment is named <d0>.
      Creating initial configuration for primary boot environment <d0>.
      WARNING: The device </dev/md/dsk/d0> for the root file system mount point </> is not a physical device.
      WARNING: The system boot prom identifies the physical device </dev/dsk/c0t40d0s0> as the system boot device.
      Is the physical device </dev/dsk/c0t40d0s0> the boot device for the logical device </dev/md/dsk/d0>? (yes or no) yes
      INFORMATION: Assuming the boot device </dev/dsk/c0t40d0s0> obtained from the system boot prom is the physical boot device for logical device </dev/md/dsk/d0>.
      INFORMATION: Unable to determine size or capacity of slice </dev/md/dtmlosm-ds/dsk/d100>.
      ERROR: An error occurred during creation of configuration file.
      ERROR: Cannot create the internal configuration file for the current boot environment <d0>.
      ERROR: Cannot create configuration for primary boot environment.