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    Test Script execution failed.

    A Gibson
      I'm getting the Test Script Execution Error - "Test Script execution failed. Reason: The system cannot find the file specifiied"
      This is happening to all my test script files. I can load the test script files, edit the test cases, etc, but cannot execute the test scripts
      If I click on View Test Script Specification, they all come up, and the report shows all the cases in the test script.
      If I look into the directory, they are all there, with the .tsc extension and a file type of TSC
      I created a new TSC this morning, but with the same results

      They were working yesterday. Since then, I did rename one of the test scripts, and changed my build platform from .NET to Java.

      Any thoughts?

      Allan Gibson

      P.S. I also now note the my what-if analysis files do not run, and are getting a message: run time error '-2146233088 (80131500)': Batch process has failed. Reason: the system cannot find the file specified (OPA-E00241). When I press the debug button, I'm taken to a screen where the line "Call GetExcelCompilerProxy() .Analyze(ActiveWorkbood)" is highlighted in yellow.

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