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    unable to authenticate active directory group member in weblogic 10.3.5


      I try to configure active directory authentication for weblogic 10.3.5

      For users ( ie account ) placed in specific OU, this is OK

      Authentication is ok.

      User Base DN: OU=CloudControl,DC=mycompany,DC=com
      User From Name Filter: (&(sAMAccountName=%u)(objectclass=user))
      User Name Attribute: sAMAccountName
      User Object Class: user

      Group Base DN: OU=CloudControl,DC=mycompany,DC=com
      Static Group Name Attribute: cn
      Static Group Object Class: group
      Static Member DN Attribute: member
      Static Group DNs from Member DN Filter: (&(member=%M)(objectclass=group))++

      But I can't move all AD account in my specific OU.
      That 's why I want to use a group placed in my OU

      I can see my specific AD group in
      Home >Summary of Security Realms >myrealm >Users and Groups + group

      il I want use authenticate an user member of this Active Directory Group , but I've got an authentication error.

      I repeat, if I move the AD account in this OU, this is ok

      Do you have an exemple of configuration for group member authentication ?

      is there an error in my configuration ?

      thanks for your help