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    SOA - EAM capacity planning

      I have been handed an assignment to prepare "capacity planning documentation" for what is termed "Enterprise Application Messaging"(EAM). I am looking at the documentation for Oracle Fusion Middleware and in particular Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Release 1 (12.1.1) which has some basic installation prerequisites. This is a good start but I know that there is more to capacity planning in the context of this EAM notion like for instance a database to persist messages etc and then there are the "speeds and feeds" to consider.

      My question is: Are there any white papers, best practices or Open World presentations that are more current than the 10g documentation and presentations I have found on searching that would cast the Oracle Fusion middleware more in a "generic EAM context" than this 12 C product installation documentation I am looking at?
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          Can you tell us what "Enterprise Application Messaging (EAM)" means for you? I confess I haven't seen this term around...

          Notice that Fusion Middleware 11g products are not supported on WebLogic Server 12.1.1... So if you thinking about SOA Suite you should look into these...

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            Thank you for the quick reply and the great links you gave, I am reviewing them before proceeding.

            I agree, the EAM is a mysterious acronym...I'm not sure who dreamed it up, but to me, it means SOA and OSB and that is what we will be building in a new datacenter. I believe it may be a "home grown" acronym to try to keep from becoming too vendor oriented with our high level documentation...we have a bunch of Microsoft afecianados here who would like to place something like "Biztalk" into the mix, so maybe they got the powers to be to invent a more generic acronym.

            Yes, I have also found that I need to look at the 11g not 12C docs due to certification issues, hopefully resolved in a couple of weeks I'm told.

            There are some great diagrams you pointed me to and I sincerely appreciate your quick reply...thanks a million!

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              878073 wrote:
              There are some great diagrams you pointed me to and I sincerely appreciate your quick reply...thanks a million!
              No worries mate, just don't forget to mark the answer as helpful/correct... Thanks!