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    ODSI Caching - Help


      Trying to set up caching in ODSI. I have set up the datasource which connects to an an Oracle DB which has the caching table (Re-using the existing DB).

      URL in the newly created DataSource - jdbc:oracle:thin:@//<hostName>:<portName>/<serviceName>

      Entered the databaseName in the connection properties of the datasource.

      Followed the steps in

      In ODSI console, enabled caching and pointed to newly cretaed datasource name. Enabled caching on one of the functions. When calling that function I get errors in the logs.

      In the table name field, I tried two different values in the table name field in ODSI console where the caching is enabled -

      *1. when I entered just the table name, I get following exception*

      <Error in cache record read
      java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

      Doesn't it take the databaseName property in the dataSource?

      *2. when I entered <databaseName>.<tableName> in the table name field...I get following message*

      <Error accessing cache table <databaseName>.<tableName>. Cache is not active. Cache table must already exist in Production Mode.>

      Any ideas please on how to set up caching?
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          Problem solved. Issue was the table within a database schema was not getting recognized. Changing the table properties by enforcing synonyms solved it.


          when you call select directly on the table without the database name in the SQL statement....the query should return results. Should not say table or view does not exist.


          cache table can be a SYSTEM table in the DB.