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    WebLogic 10.3.6 Performance Patch (13573621)

      I have a question regarding Patch 13573621 (DELIVER PS5 RC1 WORKMANAGER AS A PATCH), which is being recommended for Oracle Service Bus installations, based on WLS 10.3.6. Though the patch is mentioned in the context of Oracle Service Bus Services, the underlying bug description [BUG 13387045 - JMS PERF TESTS SHOW 10-17% REGRESSION WITH POST RC1 WORKMANAGER|https://bug.oraclecorp.com/pls/bug/webbug_print.show?c_rptno=13387045] seem to imply this performance issue is applicable to any application that tends to have extensive using of JMS subsystem and they could as well benefit from having this patch done.

      Is my understanding correct? If so, would you recommend applying this patch to a plain FMW 11gR1 PS5/WLS 10.3.6 installations, upon which our apps exercise JMS subsystem heavily?

      Much Thanks