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    How to configure Oracle database in a failover zone cluster

      Setup: Oracle database and zone configured on highly available local filesystems.
      Two node cluster.
      Oracle database running inside the zone.

      Note: I dont have a zone cluster.
      1. I need to make the zone and the oracle database highly available.
      2. Can I configure the Oracle Data service directly to run in the zone or will it involve creating sczsh_config script to do the same.

      I have been going through the guides and searching over the net, but haven't found any help so far. Its so much simpler to configure this environment in Veritas cluster. Hope I find some help here.

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          The Oracle Solaris Cluster concepts guide has some information on which zone model to choose:

          When managing a Solaris zone with the HA Zones agent, the cluster basically regards the non-global zone as a blackbox.

          As such you can either start the Oracle database as part of the runlevel/SMF startup of the non-global zone, or you can use the sczsh or sczsmf component and use your own scripts to start, probe and stop the Oracle database.

          Usage of the standard HA Oracle data service is not supported in combination with the HA Zones agent.

          If you require a more fine grained control of services running in non-global zones, why not setup a zone cluster and then having HA Oracle failover the Oracle database between non-global zones?