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    Text index not complete after data move

    Kuba Gasiorowski
      the customer moved their database to the new env (from 10g to 11g). After that, search using text index are not reliable anymore. Looks like not all entries have been indexed. We tried to remove index and all preferences and recreate it from scratch. It took long (the indexed table has 1.1M rows, there's SUBSTRING_INDEX preference set also), but it diidn't help - there are still entries that are not returned.
      When I checked the ctx_user_indexes there's strange thing: the idx_docid_count is around 77k - I assume it should be more or less the number of rows in the table, shouldn't it?
      Anyway, looks like only part of table content is indexed by the text index - what can be the reason for that?
      There was no error reported on index creation.
      What else should I check?

      Thanks in advance for all suggestions.