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    how to extract a .tar.gz file in IBM AIX 6.1

    Craftsman Automation
      we are in R12.1.3 on IBM AIX 6.1,we took the cold backup of prod Instance using the below command

      nohup tar cvf - /u01/oracle/prod/db | gzip > /u01/backup/backup_prod/prod_db.tar.gz &

      nohup tar cvf - /u01/oracle/prod/apps | gzip > /u01/backup/backup_prod_8035/prod_apps.tar.gz &

      we tried to extrac the above 2 .tar.gz files on the same server using below commands, they are extracting on source location i.e /u01/oracle/prod/db.so original files getting updated with old one

      cd /u01/backup/backup_prod_8035

      $gunzip < prod_apps.tar.gz | tar xvf -

      $gunzip < prod_db.tar.gz | tar xvf -

      Please let me know how to extract this files in the same folder with out affecting the original files

      Thanks in advance