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    Oracle waveset performance

      Hi everyone

      I have a problem with performance of OW application

      I have two application servers an oracle DB with OW repository.
      OW linked to more then 200 resources and have more then 2500 roles

      When user try to open "Edit User Role" form, it`s need to wait around three - six min. until the page will open.

      Can you give me advise?? What is the problem if, when I want to see my Role List, OW only select role xml files from DB with some conditions???

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          May I ask how many admin users (user with admin capabilities/roles) are present in the environment?

          I would recommend that you check out the following knowledge document available on My Oracle Support:

          Oracle Waveset / Latency Seen During Different Actions That Relates To A Large Number Of Administrative Users (Users That Contain An Administrative Role) [ID 1471585.1]