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    Creating New position in Siebel using Siebel DataBean

      Can we create Positions using Siebel Data Bean?
      When I tried this, setting "Position" in Business Object and Business class (and enabling relevant fields) I get Siebel exception. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

      Below is sample Program:-

      m_dataBean = new SiebelDataBean();
      m_dataBean.login("Siebel://", "SADMIN", "Password","enu");

      SiebelBusObject m_busObjectp = m_dataBean.getBusObject("Position");
      m_busCompPos = m_busObjectp.getBusComp("Position");
      SiebelPropertySet oPsDR_Header= m_dataBean.newPropertySet();
      SiebelPropertySet lPS_values= m_dataBean.newPropertySet();
      oPsDR_Header.setProperty("Parent Primary Position Id", "Adjuster2");
      oPsDR_Header.setProperty("Division","ERM AnonUser");

      It gives following error at runtime:-

      'Position' is a required field. Please enter a value for the field.(SBL-DAT-00498)

      If we set posiition like below:-
      oPsDR_Header.setProperty("Position", "Adjuster2");

      It gives following error as below:-

      Field 'Position' does not exist in definition for business component 'Position'.

      Please ask your systems administrator to check your application configuration.(SBL-DAT-00398)

      Please comment.