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Doubts regarding writing Device Drivers in Solaris

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Hi All,

I am trying to write drivers that should be "Solaris compliant". By this I mean that the driver should be - DDI or DKI or LDI compliant. Now my doubts are:

1. There are extern decelerations in header files available in solaris. Can we use then directly while writing our kernel modules or not?

2. I assume the LDI is a subset of DDI/DKI my confusion is, should a driver be DDI or DKI or LDI complient or all?

3. Certain DDI interfaces, like ddi_pathname_to_dev_t, do not have man pages. Does this mean that it is not a public interface? Then why is it a DDI interface? DDI is supposed to be public and make drivers portable right?

Thanks for the help!