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    Hyperion FDM Load Balance Configuration Error while configuring Load Balanc

    Sher Ullah Baig
      I instilled Fdqm version.
      i am getting error at configuration of fdm load balance configuration.
      when i click on Test Connection in authentication Providers(Shared services(CSS)
      Error Message: “Shared Services Connection failed”
      I tried to re-configure "COMJNIBRIDGE" but didn't helped me out.
      i followed this steps for COMJNIBRIDGE
      a) Start > Run > DCOMCNFG
      b) Expand Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM CONFIG
      c) Locate the COMJNIBRIDGE object, right-click and choose "properties"
      d) Click on the identity tab and choose "This user" and browse for the FDM Service account and enter/confirm the password
      e) Re-test

      Need your help.