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    WebDav - WebFolder can't be accessed from Windows Explorer


      I moved out UCM from old servers to new servers. Application servers left on the same architecture - linux and web server left on IIS but we moved from IIS 6 to IIS 7.5.
      Currentlty everything is fine, windows native authentication works, check in, check out, searching.... But I can't open web dav as a "network place" in file explorer in windows xp or windows 7.

      I followed "Using a WebDAV Folder in IIS to Test Web Folders" in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E10316_01/cs/cs_doc_10/documentation/integrator/install_folders_webdav_10en.pdf to test the webdav functionality outside the UCM content server. I created new virtual directory webdavtest, then enabled webdav and authoring rules for this folder and windows native authentication and I could successfully add new network place with URL https://our_ucm_host/webdavtest in windows XP's file explorer and also in Windows 7's file explorer. So basically the web folder functionality on IIS server is covered.

      But I do not know how to enable access also UCM's document via webdav.
      I can access "Contribution Folders" via "Browse Content" in UCM.
      Also entering url https://our_ucm_host/idc/idcplg/webdav/Contribution%20Folders/ leads to the "Exploring "Contribution Folders"" in UCM.
      But when trying on windows xp to add new network place with "Internet or network address" as https://our_ucm_host/idc/idcplg/webdav/Contribution%20Folders/ or as https://our_ucm_host/idc/idcplg/webdav
      it throws an error "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another"

      I am currently out of ideas what and where is wrong. Any ideas from anybody?