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    oraOLEDB and Associative Array as OUT parameter of a Stored Procedure


      We have a Stored Procedure which has an OUT parameter of type Associative Array of VARCHAR2. We have a .NET application which connects to the database using MSDAORA provider and executes this procedure using ODBC call syntax - {call <<proc>>(params..., {resultset 2000, param_out})}.

      As MSDAORA provider is not supported we want to move over to a different provider with minimal code changes. Using ODP.Net would mean lot of code changes so we would like to use oraOLEDB provider instead. However this provider does not support the "resultset" syntax. Does oraOLEDB support working with Stored procedures that have associative array as OUT parameter?

      We tried removing the "resultset" syntax and followed the suggested syntax for using ref cursor as out parameter but it does not work. Is there a way to work with Associative Arrays using oraOLEDB provider?