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    complex condition in OWB

      Hi ,

      I have designed the process flow where i have a plsql transformation which is further connected to route activity, route has to take decision if the plsql transformation value is 'yes' then run the mapping else route the other flow which will run the status procedure to log the message of the end of activity.

      procedure------route----1 to end the activity and log 2, run the mapping based ok plsql return value.

      I tried to use complex condition but it says the return value should be declare.

      how can i use the retun value in complex condition
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          David Allan-Oracle
          If you configure the process flow and go to Transformation Activities and your PLSQL transformation, keep expanding under Execution Settings there is a property 'Use return as Status', by default this is false, change to true and you can use a PLSQL function return value as a value to test in expressions.