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    Debugger : set next statement?


      Does the Solaris Studio 12.3 debugger support a "Set Next Statement" function similar to Visual Studio?

      That is to say, can I resume execution at an arbitrary program location?

      See the 5th item at:

      I tried just dragging the green "program counter" arrow, but this did not seem to work.

      Thank you
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          yes, there is "Continue At..." action for that.
          You can add it to the toolbar and have a shortcut for it.

          - Right click on any toolbar and choose customize
          - find "Continue at..." action in the Debugger section
          - drag it anywhere

          Now you can put cursor anywhere in the file editor, click this button and debugger will continue right from here.
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            Vladimir Voskresensky-Oracle
            to assign shortcut (doesn't matter if action was added on toolbar or not):
            in search type "Continue", choose "Continue at..." and assign any shortcut

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              This is great, thank you.

              Is there a similar "Step at..." command that moves to the requested line, but does not yet execute anything? (more of a literal "set next statement".)

              Seemingly this can be emulated by just setting a breakpoint at the target line prior to selecting "Continue at".