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    How to increase Number of Outbound emails to be processed

    Deepak Veeravalli
      How to increase Number of Tasks Processed from s_apsrvr_req Table per Iteration? As of now in production environment only 20 records being processed from the s_apsrvr_req table, a large backup of requests remain in a "QUEUED" status (often 3,000+). It is currently can take over 6 hours for recipients to receive emails.

      How can we increase the number of records that are processed simultaneously from 20 to 100.
      We currently have one Email Manager component running in our environment, with MaxTasks set to 20. Please let me know if it would be possible to have another Email Manager component running on another Siebel Server, or if I can set MaxTasks to a higher value, such as 80.

      Request you to share your thoughts and inputs.

      Siebel Version: 7.8.2

      Thanks and Regards,
      Deepak Veeravalli.
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          Sambit K

          Check out the following link http://ysislmap.googlecode.com/svn-history/r3/note/siebel/MTServer.txt ..Will help you in configuring Max tasks.

          I think you are using workflow policy programs to trigger emails using Email Manager component,if this is the case then it is not a recommended way to create another email manager component running in another siebel server,coz at same time both siebel servers will invoke the component to trigger mails ending you up in receiving two similar mails.