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    emgr_update Error

      Hi All ,

      I am getting the message print() on closed filehandle OUT at /opt/endeca/PlatformServices/6.1.0/bin/emgr_update.pl line 1069. when run the emgr_update command.

      emgr_update host localhost:8006 action get_ws_settings prefix Wine dir /opt/endeca/apps/Wine/config/pipeline --app_name Wine

      /opt/endeca/apps/Wine/config/pipeline is not empty. If you continue, files may be overwritten.

      Do you want to continue? [y/n]: y

      print() on closed filehandle OUT at /opt/endeca/PlatformServices/6.1.0/bin/emgr_update.pl line 1069.

      print() on closed filehandle OUT at /opt/endeca/PlatformServices/6.1.0/bin/emgr_update.pl line 1069.

      print() on closed filehandle OUT at /opt/endeca/PlatformServices/6.1.0/bin/emgr_update.pl line 1069.

      Any idea on this.

      Sunil N
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          Thanks for your question. Included is more information on how to configure emgr_update to return all Workbench managed settings from the [ Endeca Commerce Administrator's Guide|http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35823_01/Common.630/pdf/CommerceAdminGuide.pdf] , Appendix E: Transferring Endeca Implementations Between Environments

          You can transfer only those instance configuration files that can be modified in Oracle Endeca Workbench from one environment to another environment. Oracle Endeca Workbench can modify instance configuration files for any of the following features:
          • Dynamic business rules
          • Thesaurus entries
          • Automatic phrases
          • Stop words
          • Dimension ordering
          A subsequent baseline update uses the updated files for these features.

          To transfer instance configuration files modified by Oracle Endeca Workbench to a production system:
          1. In the staging environment, use Oracle Endeca Workbench to make any necessary instance configuration changes.
          2. Run emgr_update with an --action of get_ws_settings.
          a) For the --host parameter, specify the machine name and port for the staging Workbench environment.
          b) For the --dir parameter, specify the Forge input directory in the production environment.
          c) For the --app_name parameter, specify the application name whose instance configuration you want to transfer.
          d) Use the --filter parameter to remove inactive business rules.

          The following is a Windows example:
          emgr_update.bat host localhost:8888 app_name My_application action get_ws_settingsprefix wine filter dir c:\endecaproduction\data\forge_input

          3. If the destination directory is not empty, you will be prompted to continue. Answer y.

          When the utility finishes, the project files that Endeca Workbench modified are copied to the production directory specified by the --dir parameter.
          4. Use the Oracle Endeca Application Controller (EAC) to run a baseline update on the production system.
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            Hi Snolan,

            Thanks for the update,

            Can you tell me why I am getting the message print() on closed filehandle OUT at /opt/endeca/PlatformServices/6.1.0/bin/emgr_update.pl line 1069


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              Hi Suni,
              When I've seen this in the past it was due to file permissions on the files in the config directory where someone had inadvertently set the permissions to read-only for the endeca workbench service user.
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                Hi Tim,

                Thanks for update,