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    binding file for controlling package name

      I looked at the related links, tried a few examples, not much success...
      I realize this can be solved with more effort, but just trying the easy path, so ... ignore this if looks unreasonable, I know how busy developers feel...

      Is there a good example to conform to these requirements:

      Basically i would like binding file as a child element for wsdlc running in JAXWS mode that will follow package naming rules for JAXRPC... meaning:
      Java files generated from xsd will match package name with xsd name space, while for JWS classes control specific package name ...
      Most of my attempts failed due to xpath complaining for not finding any element for the node ...

      Binding attempt 1: make all classes serializable
      <jxb:globalBindings xmlns:jxb="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/jaxb"

      Binding attempt 2: keep same name for xsd classes
      [ <package> com.myown.pack</package> ]
      [ <nameXmlTransform> http://xmlschema.my.xsd.com/CustomerCall </nameXmlTransform> ]*