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    Moving LDOM hosting zones

      We have 3 t2 servers which we have replaced with t4's. I need to transfer ldoms from the t2's to the t4's.
      The t2's are running sol10u8 with ldoms 1.1 with zones installed within the ldoms.
      On the t4's i have installed sol10u10 with ldoms 2.2
      Each ldom on the t2 is configured with zfs and have 2 or 3 zones installed.
      On the t2 physical host I created a zfs snapshot of the ldom then used zfs send/rec to transfer the ldom to the t4.
      When I start up the ldom it has lost all it guest zfs datasets so the global zone is available but no other zones.
      How can I transfer the ldom and retain its hosted zones / zfs setting.
      Or do I have to transfer the ldom via zfs snapshot then transfer the ldom hosted zfs datasets and zones as a separate operation.
      Thanks Mick