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    Workspace Issue


      I recently installed Hyperion version and configured my products. My Shared Services is up and running, and so is my Essbase. But my Workspace is blank. When i go to the url, all i see is a blank blue screen with the file,menu,tools,the admin name and the logout options and an error message stating, "Required application module biee.dashboards is not configured. Description: Invalid or could not find module configuration 'biee.dashboards'."

      I have re-installed and reconfigured twice already and i don't want to configure the rest of my products while i'm encountering a problem so i'm in a bit of a rut. Someone suggested there is an issue with the file " \Foundation\Workspace\data\root\CoporateWorkspacePages". This file is present but its still not being picked up by Workspace.

      Please help, i have a deadline for solving this issue before moving on with the configuration of the rest of my products.