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    PDF attachment to SR

    User408980 -Oracle

      I need to create a Inbound Web Service to insert a pdf document as an attachment to Service Request. I am not sure how to go about this requirement. I searched through the bookshelf but what I found was mostly had to do with reading a document from local and uploading it.

      Please help.

      Thank you.
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          You can try this from SupportWeb:

          HOWTO work with file attachments in web service calls ? (siebel or higher) [ID 745881.1]

          Once the export works, they say you can try to import the response message.
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            User408980 -Oracle
            Thanks for the help. I had a look at the document and also at the bookshelf. Somehow what is not getting clear is how will the attachment gets in with the SOAP request.

            If I am using SOAP UI to test and send a SOAP request, does the the file attaches itself with the SOAP request or the content of the file becomes a part of SOAP request. If the later happens how does Siebel understands how to recompose the attachment ?

            Thanks :)
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              If you query for an attachment with SoapUI, the attachment gets encoded in the XML response.
              I think it's done in Base64 (or MIME): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Base64

              There are sites where you can encode binary files to Base64: http://www.opinionatedgeek.com/dotnet/tools/base64encode/
              And of course where you can decode Base64 back to a binary file (see bottom of page).
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                Sambit K

                1) Firstly you create an business component(based on class CSSBCFILE) and check that base table file property must be checked true.(Refer any vanilla BC's of class CSSBCFILE)
                2) Include this same BC in an Integration object along with other Components.
                3) Using the Integration Object develop your Inbound web service and inform your external system persons to map that pdf document to the field which holds attachments(generally field based on FILE_NAME column).