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    understanding the difference

      hi folks, would someone please make me understand the difference between the PeopleSoft Application Server, TUXEDO and PSADMIN interface? Are PeopleSoft Application Server and TUXEDO the same?
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          PSADMIN is a menu to manage (create,modify,delete,configure...) either a Process Scheduler Server or Application Server (and even WebServer in the latest version). It has nothing directly to do with Application Server or Tuxedo architecture. Peoplesoft is a 4 tier application : database, application server, webserver and front end users. Application server and Tuxedo are part of it (there are other compenents).
          Basically, Tuxedo maintains connections between database and application server. There is an other component, Jolt, which maintains connections between webserver and application server. The application server on his side, do all the Peoplesoft business specific tasks.
          I think it is very well explained in the following docuementation :

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            thanks sir replying. One question, if Tuxedo does everything then why do we have this name Application Server in place? Why dont we have - Clients, Websever, Tuxedo and then DB sever? Does the name Application Sever means that it is a sever on which Peoplesoft application has been installed?

            What is the significance of word "Application" in the Application Sever?
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              I did not say Tuxedo was doing everything. Only the AppServer <=> database connection pool. The AppServer on his side is in between Tuxedo (db) and Web (within Jolt port) and do all the business stuff from the Peoplesoft librairies.
              Application server is also used to connect client through WSL port from AppDesigner in 3rd tier mode.

              Here's the definition of Tuxedo :
              +"PeopleSoft uses *Oracle Tuxedo, a middleware framework and transaction monitor, to manage transactions between the application server and the database.* PeopleSoft also uses Oracle Jolt, a Java API and class library, to facilitate communication between Tuxedo running on the application server and the PeopleSoft software running on the web server. Tuxedo and Jolt are required elements of the PeopleSoft application server.

              Note. Tuxedo doesn’t actually perform processing on the application server; it schedules PeopleSoft server processes to perform the transactions."+

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