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    Copy/Paste between schedules

      P6 8.2 Professional Standalone on a Laptop.

      I have two schedules -- one for the general building, and one for detailed upfit of one floor. Both are in the same EPS, using the same code structure (No resources, No WBS.) All the codes are EPS codes, no Project codes.

      I want to merge them. Basically, I want to bring the single-floor schedule into the main schedule. I've been away from it for awhile. How do I do this?
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          Highlight both projects, open them, group by WBS (which will actually be your project), copy all from one and paste to the other. Consider any codes that are project-specific that may not transfer over. Promote those code to EPS or Global if necessary. Do this on copies of the projects first to see if you get the results you want.