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    syncronisation with 2 devices and more

      hi ,

      i use in my project

      oracle11 g
      oracle mobile sever11g

      when i use 1 device synchronization passes with success :)

      when i Use 2 Device and if i syncrinise all of Database are syncronise with the same Data

      my question

      when i have :

      | IDCLIENT | Desc | ................ | Users |
      | 0001 | DFFF | ...... | AA |

      | 0002 | AED | ....... | BB |
      | 0003 | ffdff | ....... | BB |
      | 0004 | jgfg | ........ | AA |

      Device1 (User="AA")
      Device2 (User="BB")

      i Want Device 1 syncronise only with Data when Table.users = AA

      and Davice 2 syncronise only with Data when Table.users = BB

      what i can to do ??? Please Help me !
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          what you request is called data subsetting. i havent used olite 11g but i use olite 10gr3. i guess these 2 should be similar. so please check

          1) go in the mobile workbench and in the publicatiion->publication items that you created write in the sql string where user:=usernamevar

          this way you declare a variable called usernamevar and you will download anything that user=usernamevar. then go in the mobileserver int he application there should be a data subsetting tab. there you will see the users that you registered to have access in the application. if you click one you will see the usernamevar. now i recommend to always use string so you could write the id of the user like '123'. this tells the olite that this user has for usernamevar='123'.

          of course you can call your variable howerver you like
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            your answer is very clear

            I followed your advice and it works :)

            problem solved

            thank you very much