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    Francois van Zyl

      I have a problem in that my dbms_scheduler jobs do not send out email notifications.

      The email server (smtp_out) has been set correctly -- I can ping the email server from the database server at command line level.

      The user_scheduler_notifications table contains the right records with the correct events including JOB_SUCCEEDED.

      My jobs run on schedule and succeeds OK.

      I get no email.

      What pre-requisites are there at database level (packages, parameters, privileges or some such) that I also need to set for the notifications to be emailed ?

      I am breaking my head here reading everything I can get my hands on but I know I am missing something somewhere.

      Also, is there some table or view somewhere that keeps a log of email sent or, in my case, not sent??

      Please help.



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          You can test your SMTP connection from the database server using telnet as follows (replace items in angle-brackets as appropriate):
          telnet <smtp_host> <smtp_port>
          214 HELP 
          EHLO <db_host>
          250-...................Hello .................., pleased to meet you
          250 PIPELINING
          MAIL FROM:<email_sender>
          250 .................. Sender OK
          RCPT TO:<recipient>
          250 ................... Recipient OK
          354 Enter message, end with "." on a line by itself
          Subject: Email testing
          250 Message accepted for delivery
          221 ............................ SMTP Service closing transmission channel
          Connection closed.
          Its possible that your SMTP server only allows connections from authorized hosts. Check with your email server administrator.

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              Francois van Zyl
              Thank you for the suggestion -- you are on the right path.

              After researching all over the place I ended up creating a sendmail procedure (which I should have done right off the bat) and got the Oracle error message. I tested this proc on multiple servers and it worked fine every time except for this production box.

              It seems the file /etc/mail/sendmail.mc has a wrong entry in it: dnl define('SMART_HOST','smtp.your.provider')dnl that needs to be corrected.

              Our Linux admin is addressing it.

              Again, Thanks

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