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    Question about JInternalFrame inside JDesktopPane.

      I know and understand that for full and correct control, when doing java 1.6.0 desktop gui programming
      with swing and awt both involved,

      I want to add my JInternalFrame object inside a JDesktopPane, for correct management and behaviour, first.

      I find that I can't use setSelected, requestFocus, grabFocus at all,

      even inside AncestorListener, SwingUtilities.invokeLater, JInternalFrameListener, implementing classes

      to get one particular JInternalFrame, when added and setVisible(true), to display active by default,

      as though it has been clicked to set active for default, without having done so manually.

      I have even resorted to doing a mouseclick event hard coded on the greyed out, non active JInternalFrame

      with no respose to said click either.

      How may my program click active a JInternalFrame? Can someone give me some code which has been run and

      has actually execution work, in say java 1.6.0?


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