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    Multi-Thread Mode on  MDEX Version 6.1.4

      Hi All,

      Can any one confirm me that MDEX 6.1.4 version supports multi-threaded mode.
      Also if possible please post the with way we can implement & test the same.


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          Not sure why you question this - it seem apparent to me that it is, but maybe there is a nuance to your question. Straight from the 6.1.4 doco:
          In versions 6.1.x, to ensure better resource management, the MDEX Engine always runs in a multithreaded mode with the default number of threads equal to 1.
          In addition, starting with version 6.1.2, the threads 0 value is ignored and interpreted as threads 1.
          Multithreaded mode is the only supported mode for the MDEX Engine and it cannot be disabled.
          If you set the --threads 0 value, the Dgraph issues a warning and continues to run with one thread used for processing client requests (queries and partial updates).
          As in previous releases, Endeca recommends that you experimentally increase the number of processing threads to improve performance. In addition to threads controlled by the threading pool (with the --threads flag), the MDEX Engine by default uses a pool of background threads (that you
          cannot control) .

          For testing, the comment above is to incrementally increase the --threads flag (configured in AppConfig if using the DT) and see where the sweet spot is.
          I suggest doing this in a staging environment and follow the performance testing guidelines and tools from Oracle/Endeca.