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    Problem of degradation  in Access Manager 7.1 in SUNWappserv8.2

      Hi all,

      We have a problem in our enviroment...
      Have 2 nodes of AM, periodically we have some problems of degradation in each node, high times of response +30seconds, all seems perfect until some more traffic or requests begin to appears in the system, the rare is somes request going well and other going bad with more 30 seconds of time.... we are searching problems like memory leak but all is perfect "word of our support" even the machine is nice, not saturate....
      Not found nothing in server.log, is like nothing happen but our times of resquest are so high even produces than in the other node the queue of notification rise so fast to the limit.

      What could be?
      could be a problem with our ldap connections than enqueue and affect to the listener?
      In the moments of problems even with curls the port of AM response so so slowly more than 30 seconds, but seems fixed in some minutes so, we especulate with the high traffic, but the rare is the other node all is perfect! no problems, not saturate... Only have logs (a lot of) in the server.log of appserv of the node with problems like:

      |SEVERE|sun-appserver-ee8.2|javax.enterprise.system.container.web|_ThreadID=73;|failure (11210): HTTP3068: Error
      receiving request from xxxxx (Not connected)

      And in PA we have some logs than means saturation or high load
      "Error 30678:8779160 SSOTokenService::getSessionInfo(): Error 18 for sso token ID"
      but like i said the other node not show that, and the high load is basically the same all days.

      could we find some answers with a kill -3 of the instance?

      We discarded problems with ndsltimeout of ldap firewall or balancer

      Thanks a lot!