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    How long should a Sun Ray 3 take to boot?

      OK, trying to troubleshoot booting timing and the new spinning status is hampering my diagnostics. Have tried Stop + O, but it doesn't seam to be persistent across Stop+A for some reason (4.3_146928-05 firmware on SR3 with VDI 3.3.2). Miss the Sun firmware were I could actually see what was going on during boot.

      Snooping the traffic and its taking 15 seconds to see a DHCP request and approx 27 seconds in total to get a VDI login screen.

      I think it should be working quicker that this, but what should I be expecting in a perfect setup? (would love to use a directly connect Sun Ray 3 for timing, but I can't)

      How long should a Sun Ray 3 take to boot and give a VDI login screen?

      How long should a Sun Ray 3 take after pressing the power button before it sends out a DCHP request?