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    DMS Metrics as MBeans for ADF Application Modules Pools


      I'm trying to get the ADF Application module performance data from DMS through JMX.

      While using the DMS Spy servlet I can browse and get the statistics for the ADF application that I'm interested in. I can also browse the same stats using Enterprise Manager.

      On the other hand and when I navigate to the oracle.dms JMX MBeans I can not find any related MBean.
      I can find MBeans like: oracle.dms:Location=soa_server1,name=/oracle/adf/model/servlet/ADFBindingFilter,type=ADF, but I cannot find MBeans for ampool like: ...,name=/oracle/jbo/common/ampool/...

      Quoting from: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17904_01/core.1111/e10108/dms.htm#CIHJBDIG

      +"6.4.4 Viewing metrics with JConsole

      To provide a standards-based way to access metrics, DMS exposes them through MBeans. An MBean will be created and registered for each typed noun with the runtime MBean Server. The DMS sensors contained by the noun are exposed as the attributes of the MBean. Exposing the DMS metrics as MBeans allows administrators to use tools such as JConsole (the Java monitoring and management console), and other Java Management Extension (JMX) clients, to access the DMS metrics."+

      So my questions are:
      - Why there are no MBeans for each of the created AM pools?
      - Is this the correct behavior for WLS 10.3.6?


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