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    Yet another 9i to 11g upgrade thread

      I have :
      2 x Oracle on AIX (5.3)
      1 x Oracle on AIX (5.3)
      1 x Oracle on Solaris (5.8)

      These four databases are going to be moved from 4 different European countries to one country. The target architecture will be on either RH or AIX. Each database is around 500GB. Lots of BLOBs.Yes I know about endian issues if we choose Red Hat Linux.

      According to 419550.1, 733205.1, various searches and cruising around these forums, I have only one option for a 'direct' migration : EXP/IMP

      There is also (and I'm unsure about the validity of this) the solution of having a machine with, copying the entire database to this machine (which has the same filesystem layout) and then doing a startup migrate. This is for the and databases. For the databases the same person has proposed a startup migrate but pointing to binaries. Like I said, I didn't know that this was possible.

      Golden Gate has not yet been looked at.

      Appreciate your ideas.