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    Field Service v. iSupport

      Newbie here trying to find my way through Oracle Service.

      I have a customer service center that answers calls for service requests. Some calls are simply to answer technical questions, while others are for reporting a problem that may require a fix. We do not have field technicians that we send out to the customers location to service a request. The customer can either take the part to a shop and have it fixed, but in some cases, we ask them to send the part back to us for resolution. We also receive calls/emails for warranty claims, and currently implement an internal manual process for product registration.

      What I just described is currently handled in a manual fashion using Access. That is, calls, emails, warranty claims data is captured through home-grown Access Forms and stored in an Access DB. Obviously, we want to migrate this manual workflow to Oracle EBS.

      An employee, who is no longer with the company, had suggested Field Service as the module that's needed; however, after a little research, iSupport seems the way to go. The issue is that Field Service was already purchased and some implementation has been done (CRM Foundation and Install Base).

      My main question is, Is Field Service sufficient to support the description I gave above? What features are common between Field Service and iSupport? Is the Service Request sub-module common between the two? If so, Is Service Request implemented (that is, works differently) under Field Service compared to iSupport.

      I appreciate any help or insight anybody has to these questions. I look forward to your feedback.

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          For scenarios where you have repair/return items option is available for the customer services requests, Oracle Depot Repair is a better option which is integrated with Oracle Field Service.

          iSupport module as such is integrated with Field Service module for creation of service requests. Please go through Depot Repair user guide once to see if it benefits your organization.