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    JRMC Install Recommendations

      I have a WebLogic 10.3.2 portal environment and am looking for the JRMC install for windows x64. Any ideas? Also, I assume I have to install this as a stand alone as there is a missioncontrol folder in my jrockit folder that has a readme.txt with the following contents. Please advise if you have this JRMC knowledge...thanks.

      JRMC install needed - jrmc-3.1.0-1.6.0-windows-x64.exe

      Contents of readme.txt in jrockit folder:
      Mission Control
      The JRockit Mission Control Client was not built for this platform since RCP
      (www.eclipse.org/rcp/) is not currently supported on this platform.

      The JRockit Mission Control Client is built on Eclipse RCP technology, and as new
      platforms become supported by Eclipse, JRockit Mission Control will be built
      for them as well. Note that this does not affect the server side components
      of JRockit Mission Control. Install JRockit Mission Control on
      one of the platforms where the JRockit Mission Control Client is available
      and connect to this JVM remotely.

      Kind regards,
      The JRPG Tools Team
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          UPDATE: Oracle support tells me that for the version of jRockit that I have (3.1.0-1.6.0) the JRMC install was not included. Mainly because there was not a 64 bit version of JRMC at the time. They said my choices were this....

          1) Download the R27.6.3 version and pull the 32 bit JRMC from it, OR (and preferrably)
          2) Update my Jrockit to R281.6_14 (or later) to use the 64 bit version, which has all the latest and greatest.

          I like the 2nd option but was told by mgmt due to the extensive re-testing of all our deployed apps to go with the first option.

          Can anyone give any advice on this and any setup/install tips to get this setup and usable?