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    Interval MC Type : Value Derivation

      I am trying to derive a value from Interval Measurements and store it as a value Identifier using MC Type : Value Derivation script. After calculation of the value whiile iterating through the measurement I cannot assign the value to the value Identifier for each Measurement Business Object, since the structure is as follows :

      <valueDerivationInputOutputData type = “group”>
      <measurementList type = “group”>
      <BusinessObjectInstance type = “group” >

      They are all groups which I cannot iterate through. What could be an alternate solution ?
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          Although BusinessObjectInstance is defined as "group" its contents are still a List. This node is pre-populated when the IMDs are being normalized and is available in MC Type Value Derivation Algorithm Spot.
          You can still traverse the list and populate the value identifiers, for example:
          move '0' to $idx;
          for ($list in "parm/hard/valueDerivationInputOutputData/measurementList/BusinessObjectInstance")
              move "1 + xs:integer($idx)" to $idx;
              move "$list/measurementDateTime" to $msrmtDateTime;
              move '0' to "parm/hard/valueDerivationInputOutputData/measurementList/BusinessObjectInstance[$idx]/measurementValue1";
          All Interval instances are available within measurementList/BusinessObjectInstance .